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Established in 1970 in High Point, North Carolina, the "Furniture Capital of the World", our company Concept Plastics, Inc. is America's premier maker of fine furniture and decorative resin castings. Using extremely accurate molding techniques, exceptional craftsmanship in casting, and artisan skills in hand finishing, we offer our Craft-Tex and Ladybug lines a wide variety of products for the home, office and garden.


Design and custom molding services are also available. We invite your inquiry and appreciate your business. Each individually hand-crafted piece of Ladybug product is cast in a crushed marble/resin composition which has the ability to capture and reproduce the same definition and minute detail as the original. It is a substantial, non-porous material which does not absorb moisture, making it ideal for outdoor use. Although it offers the strength and durability required to endure even extreme weather conditions, its greatly reduced weight when compared to concrete results in lessened delivery costs.


Retailers and customers alike will appreciate the increased ease of placement the lighter weight offers. The finishes are applied by hand, enhancing every detail, and resulting in the uniqueness of no two pieces being exactly alike. Our standard finishes are some of the most original on the market today, and are guaranteed for outdoor use.

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